Our meat is never frozen and it is never older than two days on display. At Garcia's, all of our meat is freshly cut every day and we get more frequent deliveries just to ensure freshness to our customers.



For those far away from their tropical climates, this is the area where they can find some exotic varieties of tropical fruits that are popular in Latin America. Some of these are mamey, maracuya, guanabana. You can use these to make a delicious smoothy that will bring you back to the tropical beaches of the Caribbean. You can also find plantain leaves to make pastelitos, and Yuca for your meal.



Garcia's has been designed to provide you with a unique shopping experience. We offer a variety a national brand products and when you want to feel connected to the Latin culture or find those hard to find ingredients for your meal; come to Garcia's and you will find a lard selection of imported products from Mexico, Central and South American and the Caribbean. 

If you cannot find your favorite item, fill out our product request form on the bottom of this page or let us know next time you visit us and will will do our best to make it available for you.



Here you will find fresh produce such as our Jalapenos, Calabaza larga (Mexican Pumpkin), Nopal (Fresh Cactus), Jicama, tropical mangoes, plantains, Mexican batata (Mexican sweet potato), etc..

We know how important it is for our customers to provide their families with quality meals every day that include fresh fruits and vegetables.  At Garcia’s you will find just what you need at a great price. We know that our customers expect freshness when they come to our store.

From the most exotic chilies to the freshest vegetables, you will find ingredients to make all your salsas burst with flavor, just as you like them.



These are the services that are currently being offered at Garcia's

  • U.S Postage Stamps

  • NYS Lottery

  • EBT

  • ATM